Free Goal Setting Template

Balancing Rock System

    Not having a system in place to help you achieve your goals is a lot like cooking without cooking tools. The pots, pans, stove, oven, and utensils are the tools to help you cook your food. A system … Continue reading

Turn Your Passion Into Action

Passion Into Action

I love to teach and train. It’s one of my passions. Last weekend I had the privilege to teach at a Women’s Empowerment Conference called Passion Into Action. Here’s the entire slide presentation on how to turn your passion into … Continue reading

Are You Happy At Work?


When I think of corporate America, I immediately have visions of conformity and boredom — a place that offers little inspiration and creativity. Zappos Corporate headquarter in Las Vegas turned those visions on their head and gave them a spin. … Continue reading

How To Rock Your Smartphone

Three Female Friends Laughing and Looking at Cell Phone

  Being Smarter Than Your Smartphone   I love teaching and training small business owners in my rural local community. It’s one of the reasons I founded and formerly organized the Meetup Group, NCO in 2010. It’s my way of … Continue reading

4 Signs That You Are Blocked In Your Business


As entrepreneurs, we all have days, weeks, and sometimes even months where we can’t seem to move forward in our business. We feel blocked. Stuck. Or perhaps even overwhelmed. Here are 4 signs that you are blocked in your business … Continue reading

Actionplanr Takes A Deep Bow Before The Women Of The World


Honoring Women On International Women’s Day For the women who dare to dream. For the women with big ideas. For the women who make things happen. For the women who get things done. For the women who are entrepreneurs and … Continue reading

7 Habits Of Productive Female Entrepreneurs

Business Woman With Chart

  When we think about being productive, we usually think of it in terms of the use of productivity tools or how we manage our time. However, as a female entrepreneur, being productive has a lot more to do with … Continue reading