Update: The Women’s Startup Challenge


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been full speed ahead with the Women’s Startup Challenge.

One of the components of the “Challenge” is to raise money through crowdfunding for Actionplanr.

I am incredibly grateful to our contributors. Because of them, we’re in the forefront of the competition.

But our work isn’t over! As of this writing, we have raised $5,275.00 of our $15K goal. We have less than two weeks before the fundraising portion of this competition ends on May 29th.

Please help us by contributing today!

Every dollar raised will help us move closer to an opportunity to pitch Actionplanr in Washington D.C. for a chance to win an additional 50K.

No donation is too small or too large.

Where Will The Funds Go?

I’ve had quite a few conversations with supporters about what we would do with the funds if we win the 50K.

It’s simple.

The funds would allow us to work full-time on bringing Actionplanr Web Mobile to the marketplace. We would also spend it on marketing.

Currently, we work as business consultants/coaches and build/support customized software that we have developed for private clients while carving out time to work on Actionplanr Mobile (go here to get your BETA invitation. It’s free!).

To give you some perspective – this is how most startups do it.

They burn the candle at both ends, working a day job to keep the boat afloat while working on their project every free moment until it gets enough traction to make a profit.

Very few startups ever make it to market, or have the opportunity to present their product to Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists. Most use their own money from savings.

Very few startups ever get a bank loan or get funding through friends and family.

Startups begin with an idea. From there, an MVP (minimal viable product) is created (in our case, Actionplanr Desktop version.) Feedback from customers and trial users enhances the product (this led us to build Actionplanr Web Mobile).

How does anyone afford to go through this process while keeping food on the table?


Crowdfunding is now a 5 billion dollar industry with a decade of validation behind it. Many startups are using it as a way to not only recruit donors to support their project, but as a way to gain publicity.

And that’s why I’m so excited to have been selected to participate in the Women’s Startup Challenge. The publicity that Actionplanr is receiving from partaking in the Challenge is phenomenal.

We’ve been written up by Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and sponsor of the Women’s Startup Challenge in his blog.

In addition, Actionplanr has been tweeted about numerous times during the campaign under the hashtag #WomenStartupChallenge.

As a result, our beta sign-ups are going through the roof – and we’re more confident than ever that we’ll achieve our hopes and dreams for Actionplanr.

The best part of participating in the Challenge is I get to meet the people who are paving the way for women like me.

Below is a photo of me and Diane Tate. She helped organize the Women’s Startup Challenge launch party in San Francisco on behalf of Women Who Tech.


By competing in the Challenge, more people are hearing about Actionplanr than ever before — and that’s BEFORE we’ve launched.

That’s every startup’s dream — buzz around their product before launch time.

I was reluctant to participate in a crowdfunding campaign.

While I’ve fundraised over 400K over the years for various social and environmental causes, I’ve never attempted to crowdfund on behalf of myself. But when I was selected to compete in the Women’s Startup Challenge by Women Who Tech, I knew I had to push beyond my comfort zone.

The Women’s Startup Challenge is about empowering women on a large scale. Currently, only 7% of investor money goes to women-led startups. Yet, women-led startups generate more revenue than men at a 35% higher ROI.

I’d like to send a big thank you to Women Who Tech and Craig Newmark for spearheading a platform that’s dedicated to creating economic and professional opportunities for women in the Tech world!

We’ll keep you posted on how this unfolds.  For now – please contribute today and thank you so much for all your support!