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    Exercise program
    Hobby organizer
    Household chore distribution
    Household financial goals (savings plans, vacations, holidays, etc.)
    Garden planning, creation and maintenance (great to have logs about what planted and what worked/didn’t work for next year. )
    Auto maintenance schedule
    Home maintenance schedule
    Tax/financial calendar. When to fill out forms, send in taxes, etc.


    Chuck Horton

    Thanks for the great template ideas Evelyn. We will add them to our list of templates to create. Chuck


    Donna Abreu

    I just noticed the Pinterest marketing template. What a great idea! I would do one for Linked In and FB as well if you haven’t already. Also, I will be using this to track my niche affiliates sites. I have some questions about that, but will explore the software first. You might want to have some program for soliciting Action plans from your users. Some of them could be useful to everyone.


    Chuck Horton

    Thanks for the great input Donna. We have a template for Facebook and will be doing one for Linkedin. We plan to add the ability for a user to submit a template for sharing in a future version of Actionplanr. Please let us know how Actionplanr is working for you and any questions you may have.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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