How to Set Your Goals For 2013

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Do you know what the sad truth is about goal setting?  Many fail.

Every year millions of people start off the new year with very powerful intentions and goals.  They are extremely passionate about their ideas and projects.  And they are highly motivated to take massive action.

Yet many fail and many give up. Why?

Because unfortunately, they take action without a plan or a vision.  They then become overwhelmed and  lose all their enthusiasm within the first thirty days of the year.

We are on a mission to change that.

Here is a simple 5-step process on goal setting that we’ve been teaching for some time now. Watch the training video to learn more. 

  • Envision – Start with the outcome or the end in mind. This is your big vision for your work/life.
  • Plan – Come up with an action plan that will help you move towards your goal and supports your bigger vision.  The secret to an action plan is keeping it very simple.
  • Act – Take action. Execute. Get up and move according to your action plan.
  • Track – Measure your results.
  • Adapt – Be flexible and adaptable.

In the training video, you will also learn how to break your goals down into phases and action steps so that you can manage them better. And you will learn when and why you should NOT set goals. 

Having a clear vision is the foundation for goal setting.  It’s what fuels your motivation to take action.

If you are struggling with a clear vision for yourself, your work/life or your family or community, then watch the following two movies.  They are inspiring and illustrate the power and purpose of having a clear vision.


The Happy Movie

I AM Movie

Life is short. Turn your dreams into a reality by achieving your goals. Watch the training video now.