Initiate – Click New Button

Actionplanr Menu Bar

Step 1 – Select Goal Type

Click on one:  personal, family, business, or community boxes

Step 2 – Clearly Articulate Goal

In this screen you are going to clearly articulate your goal. Think of your goal as a target or something you want to accomplish. It could be something as simple as a checklist of items or something a bit more complex like a project. The point is that you want to start with the End in Mind.

The top field is where you will input your goal titleIt should be short and succinct. If you’d like to see an example you can click on the example button at the bottom left of screen.

Next, you will describe your goal in more detail in the description field below.  This is where you can elaborate on the specifics of your goal.

Next, you will put in your start and due dates.

The autofill box will automatically calculate how many days you have left to complete your goal.

Moving along to the right of the screen is the Type field.  If you change your mind and want to change the category of your goal from business to personal or family to community, this is where you can make those changes.

The Measure Success By Field is important to fill out because this will help you think through the importance of your goal. In other words how are you going to know if your efforts have paid off?  It is really important to use tangible measurements versus non-tangible measurements.

For example I want to lose 10 pounds. in 30 days and wake up with enough energy to go for an hour hike 5 days a week is a tangible measurement versus I want to look thinner in 30 days and have more energy when I wake up.

The Who Does This Benefit and Why Field is also very important to fill out because it will help keep you focused on why you are spending time on this goal and whom it helps. In other words, goals are designed to help you be intentional and purposeful.  By understanding why you are doing this and who you are doing it for will help you live a more purposeful and intentional life.

The Note field is where you can type in your notes and add links from other resources and websites. You will need to click on the edit/view link to add your notes.

Now that  you have clearly articulated your goal, click on the NEXT button at the bottom right of screen to break your goal down into phases and specific initial action steps.


Step 3 – Break Goal down into Phases

In step 2 you clearly articulated your goal or project. Now it is time to break your goal into phases.  

A phase can be a milestone or a requirement.  Think of phases as an outline for your goal.

The goal achievement process can oftentimes be frustrating because there may be too many hurdles to jump.  This can lead to feeling overwhelmed or confused, which can then lead to lack of motivation and procrastination.

Step 3 is designed to help you break your goal into phases and give it an outline so that you don’t become overwhelmed.  This is where you will begin to add more structure and organization to your goals.

On this screen, you will input your group of phases. Don’t worry about getting it all perfect at this stage because you can go back later and rearrange and edit your phases later.

If you are having a hard time thinking of what to type into your phase fields, feel free to start with only one or think of your goal as a beginning, middle, and end with three phases.

By clicking on the Finish button this will prompt you to the Action Plan view where you can add more phases and also  begin to add specific action steps.

If you’d like to see an Example of this screen click on the Example button.


End Result – Initial Action Plan

Now you can add  action steps to phases and additional phases if needed.


Step 4 – Add Action Steps to Phases

You can add Action Steps to any phase by clicking the Add Another Action Step Button at the bottom of each phase. If you want to add another Phase  click on the Add Phase Button under the Action Plan right side bar.

You can drap and drop Action Steps in side the a phase or between phases.

If you drag the last Action Step from one phase to another, the original phase will be delete.  Always have at least one Action Step per Phase.