Happy Birthday Actionplanr

Actionplanr Green Install Badge Hand

Two years ago today we launched Actionplanr.

It was a quiet and soft launch.

A few friends and colleagues joined the Actionplanr team in a small conference room to ring in the birth of a new software company.



Prior to our launch, our lead developer, Chuck Horton had built a business and technology consulting firm.

He helped many different types of organizations; from non-profits, to small businesses, to Fortune 500 companies.

His experience in working with a wide variety of public agencies and private companies gave him a deep understanding of workflow and how people get stuff done.

Chuck Horton, Actionplanr's lead developer and visionary.

Chuck Horton, Actionplanr’s lead developer and architect at Actionplanr’s  launch party.

Also, prior to our launch, I had been organizing fundraisers and Meetups with hundreds of volunteers, vendors, members, and guests while working full-time in sales.

So, I was always on the hunt for systems that could help me become better organized, more productive and efficient in my workflow.

There were none that I liked.

They were either way too complex and useless or not powerful enough to be effective.

We knew there had to be a better, smarter, and simpler way.

And so, we set out to design, build, and offer a better solution.

A smarter system. A simpler user interface.

Fast-forward two years later, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of Actionplanr web and mobile version. 

Get your beta invitation right here. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of launching Actionplanr has been meeting our customers.

From achieving their goals, to accomplishing projects, to implementing action plans, and creating powerful checklists, its clear that Actionplanr is helping people all over the world identify their goals and create the plan to accomplish their projects.

We are honored to play a role in helping small businesses, non-profits, professionals, and entrepreneurs achieve the outcomes and results they want in business and life through Actionplanr.

Helping others be more productive, more organized, and more efficient is our WHY.

Brenda Tello Horton, co-creator of Actionplanr and chief evangelist.

Brenda Tello Horton, co-creator of Actionplanr and chief evangelist.

When we hold our annual business meeting, we always go back to the question, “Why are we doing this?”

The answer is always the same.

We love helping others make things happen and get stuff done.

Thank you to everyone who validated our idea for a task and project planning software tool that speaks to a new generation of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profits.

Thank you for encouragement during our development.

And a special thank you for all the feedback from our users.

Your input matters.

We listened. We paid attention.

We are now working hard behind the scenes to bring you the next version of Actionplanr.

Here’s your beta invitation.

Stay tuned!